Sunday, September 18, 2011


You know when you're splashing around in the tub having a good old time, your Dad is messing around on the other side of the bathroom, and you have a second to relax? Then you look around you and there's all these little brown balls floating everywhere. What could they be? Something yummy? You look up and Dad starts coming at you, so you make a mad dash and throw one in your mouth before he can steal all of your yumminess.

Of course you start gagging and spitting (luckily no swallowing). Dad thinks it's a little funny and Mom wants to throw up.

True story. I wish it were false. I made sure Mr. Levi PooPoo Eater got a good tooth brushing tonight.


  1. Hilarious. Gross yes. But hilarious just the same :)

  2. I try to reason with people, I try to be understanding and patient. But this is exactly the result mommy saying poop all the time. By the time the boy is 1 year old, he is just drawn to it... I would hate to be the scoutmaster that has to take him to scout camp.

    Grandpa Ward

  3. PooPoo Eater or not - he's still entirely kissable and indescribably cute! Grandpa K had the exact same experience with Aunt Meggan but I was sworn to secrecy about that incident 28 years ago so I can't tell you about it! :)