Thursday, July 12, 2018

We Got A Dog

Taylor tried to cut his finger off in the router. We're grateful for stitches.

We lost our brains and decided to get a puppy. This is when we first picked her out. Her name is Poppy.

Papa, Miles, and Levi playing while Beckett cleans.

A good little helper.

Granny and I with Si'i (my cousin Nicole's husband) at my cousin Caity's wedding.

Bringing Poppy home.

Beckett and Emma loving on Poppy.

Miles and Beckett the goofballs.

Miles taking Poppy out for morning potty.

Beckett and Oo-Oo flying a kite.

Levi's turn.

Hiking with Taylor's family on Memorial Day near Lake Whatcom.


Uncle Allen and Rhett.

Meggan, Norah, Levi, Davis, Beckett and Taylor.

Papa, Ava, Mimi, Meggan, Norah and Levi.

Tube rides behind the jet ski.

Oo-Oo and Beckett.

Levi, Miles and Norah.

My Dad is still strong enough to carry me when I don't want to get wet.

Oo-Oo and Levi.

Poppy's first bath.

Levi's last soccer game of the season.

Miles and Levi riding the ferry to go shrimping.

Getting pizza with Uncle Davis after a day of shrimping.

Crazy kids.

Sleeping on the boat during their shrimping getaway.

Grandma Thibault reading to Miles and Levi.

Jump house with Scout and Elena.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Easter And Other Things

Beckett chilling with Oo-Oo.

Me and Lauriel getting ready to walk in March For Our Lives.

Miles helping get firewood.

Dying Easter eggs.

Miles at the beach.

Miles and Beckett chowing down at Grandma's house.

All the cousins ready to hunt for eggs.

Scout, Levi, Elena, Miles, and Beckett.

Beckett on the hunt.

The after party.

Getting ready for the Easter Bunny to come.

Easter morning.

Miles egg hunting.

We visited Aunt Kailey at the Reptile Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa Thibault.

Whatcom Falls.

Beckett asking for Uncle Alec.

Swimming with Scout and Elena and Grandma.

Dance party time.