Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pictures With The Wards

Picture taking with kids is definitely an endeavor. And while it is now documented for history that my children are adorable, it is also plain for everyone to see that they are not always the most cooperative. 

The clan. You will also notice Miles' tiger lovey that had to be present in the picture.

The cousins. And Miles' blanket.

And then Miles was done.

Like I said, I know they're adorable. 

But also not cooperative. Beckett decided this was the perfect moment to pull Levi's hair.

And then Levi decided it was time to put his hands in front of his face as soon as Beckett stopped.

Miles had to be given chocolates to stay in the pictures.

A reminder that he's adorable to make up for all of the trouble.

Levi's missing a few teeth this year.

My stubborn boy.

Grandma and Oo-Oo with the hooligans.

And yes, popsicles were needed to keep this show going.


My Mom and Dad.

My Mom and my Granny.

My family.

My best friend of course.

Scout and Levi were the only ones enjoying getting their pictures taken.

These two love each other.

All jokes aside, I love these pictures. Even though there's something strange going on in most of the shots, that's okay. Yeah, it would be great if all of my children would sit still, look at the camera, and smile all at the same time, but that's not us right now. These capture our family as we are this year, with a bunch of wiggling crazy kids. People tell me that someday we will miss their chaos, and for now I'll choose to believe them.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Beckett Is Two

My baby is trying to grow up. 

This little guy is a fireball of energy. He is always on the go. Running, climbing, and jumping are his specialties. We had to ditch the crib before he was even 18 months old because he wouldn't stay in it. He sleeps in his tent travel bed so that we can hook the zippers together from the outside to keep him trapped to sleep. He never hesitates to join in the chaos and wrestling with his big brothers, in fact he is often the initiator. He loves balls and cars. With his active personality he's been a little bit slower to  focus on learning to talk, but we've been really happy with the progress he's been making in speech therapy. Just in the last couple of weeks he's finally started calling Taylor Dada instead of Mama. Even with all of his energy, he is very shy and reserved and he usually clings to us around new people or in big groups. He loves hugs and cuddles and kisses. Beckett and Miles are polar opposites with their energy levels, but Beckett does seem to have a stubborn streak and a quick temper to match Miles. Their strong personalities often clash in our home. Beckett loves to be outside. He asks to go outside before he eats breakfast and he usually has to be dragged inside kicking and screaming at dinner time. He never gets bored entertaining himself with some dirt or rocks.

We love this little guy to pieces. Adding a third boy to our family has definitely been rough at times. The noise and energy level is usually exhausting and I'm pretty much always feeling like I'm falling short of meeting the needs of each kid. We wouldn't trade him for anything though. His smiles and laughs, and I suppose even his screams, complete our home.

Happy Birthday Beckett.

Opening presents at home.

Happy Birthday at Grandma's house.

Opening presents at Grandma's house.