Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A New Year Begins

On New Year's Day we took the kids bowling. Taylor and Beckett.



The siding is coming along. At the moment it's looking half normal.

Although, if you look from the side of the house you can start to see it. Can't wait until we can paint.

Miles at preschool.

Miles on a lunch date with Oo-Oo at McDonalds. 

Beckett has become quite the entertainer with his dancing these days.

Taylor's parents gave us this swing a long time ago for the kids. Levi finally pestered Taylor enough that he hung it up for them. Miles.




Making gingerbread houses with Mimi and Papa.

Letters to Santa on Christmas Eve.

Evidence he came on Christmas morning.

And the frenzy of unwrapping begins.

Santa left candy canes on the tree.

The chaos of unwrapping then carried over to Grandma and Oo-Oo's house.

And a piƱata for Christmas, why not?

Ice storm.

Beckett's new crazy dance moves.

Monday, December 18, 2017


Beckett was so excited on our way to see Santa.

Horse drawn carriage ride around town. Scout, Grandma, and Miles.

Beckett loved it.

Granny, Levi, Scout, and Grandma.

Taylor and Beckett.


The whole crew with Santa.

Later that day we saw Santa again at our church party. They were a little less nervous after the warm up earlier.

And a random picture of Beckett at bedtime.