Monday, December 18, 2017


Beckett was so excited on our way to see Santa.

Horse drawn carriage ride around town. Scout, Grandma, and Miles.

Beckett loved it.

Granny, Levi, Scout, and Grandma.

Taylor and Beckett.


The whole crew with Santa.

Later that day we saw Santa again at our church party. They were a little less nervous after the warm up earlier.

And a random picture of Beckett at bedtime. 

Thursday, November 30, 2017


We had an early snow day at our house.


Me and Levi.

Miles and Levi with their baby snowman.

We got some organization done in our basement, which makes my brain very happy.

Levi, Scout, Miles, Beckett, and Elena at Grandma's beach.

Birthday party for Granny, Emma, and I.

I picked out some light fixtures for our hallway for my birthday. I'm old and boring, but they're exciting to me.

On my birthday I got to sleep in while all my boys made me muffins.

I'm 30 😱. Now what.

Light fixtures for the loft went up.

We hosted Taylor's family for Thanksgiving. It was great to have everyone all together. Paige, Ricky, and Andrew.

Papa, Norah, Beckett, Miles, Ava, and Levi.

Norah and Levi making turkeys with Mimi.

Meggan and Kailey.

Uncle Davis with Ava, Rhett, Levi, Beckett, Norah, and Miles.

Levi and Ava.

Allen and Taylor feeling stuffed.

Finished product.


Me and Papa.

Beckett was a little nervous with so many people in our house.

We went up Mt. Baker to pick out our Christmas tree. Playing in the snow is half the fun.

Taylor ends up doing all the hard work while we play.

We managed to get it all set up with Beckett only breaking one ornament. We will see if we can keep it that way through Christmas.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Miles with the pumpkin he picked out at Costco.

Taylor replaced our big front window. We were windowless for one night of the process.

Miles has really struggled with reacting appropriately to his negative emotions, as well as with his self-help skills. We went through all the hoops and had him evaluated with the school district. He ended up qualifying for the developmental preschool. We're not sure where this road will lead us, but at the moment we're just happy for some extra support. His first day of preschool.

Carving pumpkins.

Making halloween cookies with Miles.

On our way to our church halloween party. Sulley, scary something without a name, and Hulk.

Grandma and Beckett.

Lauriel and Scout. Scout and Levi were on the same page with needing to be scary this year.

Oo-Oo and Hulk.

Scary Levi.

Granny with the scary kids.

Beckett got his first haircut.

Ready for trick-or-treating at the mall.

Levi decided he didn't like the face paint and all the attention it got him, so we had to do a last minute costume switch up. Thanks to Grandma for giving up her sheet.

Taylor's birthday party. We're so lucky to have this man.

Beckett is obsessed with birthdays, singing, blowing out candles, and cakes.

Beckett playing blocks at Grandma's house.