Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The End Of Summer Dump

Basically, I have gotten a little behind. In order to be done playing catch up, it is going to be a picture overload with a very small word count. 

We had a crazy amount of blueberries this summer.

Beckett getting brave at Grandma's pool.

Playing in the pool with Great Granny.

Watching the solar eclipse with Mimi.

And the entertainment that Mimi provided while waiting for the solar eclipse. 

Our setup to watch the eclipse.

Beckett the cutie.

Making slime with Mimi.

Our driveway close to completion. We are so grateful to not have a mud pit for a driveway now that we've settled into the rain.

We did a bubble run with Taylor's family.

Miles and Beckett weren't too impressed with the bubbles.

Taylor and Davis.

The gang.

See how unimpressed Beckett was.

Taking pictures of ourselves before church. It's one of the few activities where people don't mess up their hair and rumple their clothes before we have to leave.

They attempted to sleep on the trampoline. It didn't work out so well, maybe next year.

We met up at Remlinger Farm with my friend Emily and her kids. One more redhead added to the crew.

Having my Mom to help with all our chaos was super nice.

The last of Lake Whatcom. Taylor pulling all the kids.

Me and my sister Lauriel.

Crazy cousins at the fountain.

Birch bay waterslides.

Don't mind me drowning while I try to keep Miles' head above water.